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Has Jesus Made A Difference In Your Life?

Tell our fans how Jesus has changed your life.  Please send your testimony to dom@christianrecoveryresource.com and we will post it on our Ministry pages so the world can know about the love and saving grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  God will use your story to help others.  Share the hope that only Jesus can give to us. You can make a difference in other people’s lives by sharing your story.   Jesus gave up His life for us, so let’s give back to His kingdom by feeding His sheep.  God never wastes a hurt.  You are never alone and many of us have the same issues we deal with everyday so your story will encourage, inspire and provide hope.  I’ve shared my story with thousands of people and I am amazed at the healing that has taken place through my Testimony.

What miracles have you witnessed?

Has he pulled you from the wreckage or placed you on a mountain top?  We all need to hear your story.

Simply email me, dom@christianrecoveryresource.com or private message this ministry and your testimony will get posted. We will only post your first name and city or you can choose to remain anonymous.

Spread the word, be heard, make a difference.  Don’t leave it up to the next person.  YOU can Do Something to change someone’s life!!

Dom Sardone
605 999-8612


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