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She is a God Blessing

“Oh I’ve seen a lot,” said Mae Lou Hendrix. She has lived through a World War, the Civil Rights Movement, and 16 presidents. Hendrix indeed has seen a lot.

Her secret? Simple, stay active.

“I worked hard all my life,” she said. “Drove tractors. I’ve done everything. Pulled cotton. I’ve done everything. I think that’s what’s kept me going.”

Her family said she takes great care of herself and in turn, she is still able to live an independent lifestyle.

“She worked all her life, hard, in the fields and all this stuff,” said Susan Ford, Hedrix’s daughter. “She doesn’t eat fried foods, she’s a healthy eater. Boiled food. She eats cabbage, okra, and corn bread. She cooks, she lives by herself, she plays dominoes, and she keeps her own bank money because she doesn’t trust the banks, So she counts her own money, pays her own bills.

Ford said she has learned a lot from her mom.

“She’s a God blessing,” she said. “That’s how she lives. With him on our side, who can’t live to be a hundred. Plus a hundred. A hundred and more.”

Hendrix said she has had so much fun this year that she cannot wait for the next.