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Everyone Needs Prayer!

Do you have a prayer request?  Let our prayer warriors and readers pray for you.

Please fill out the form below and send us your prayer request.  It will get posted here so that we can pray for you.  Prayer works and God Listens.

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  1. Healing of the relationship between me and my only son. Also prayers that he and his girlfriend will be saved. Also, if it’s not God’s will for them to be together, then for God to work His miracles. If it is God’s will, then give me peace.

  2. His mom & stepfather need prayer as well as they are having marriage issues & have broken up several times over the last 7 years.

  3. I ask if u can remove my prayer request on this page. I thot it wil be only you and me who can see the page but every one can see it. i ppsted on 28 June

    • I have removed your prayer request. Sorry for any confusion. If you would ever like to submit another prayer request please do not enter your name. Thank You and God Bless

      Dom Sardone – Ministry Owner

  4. thank u so much for the great and powerful prayers and spreading God’s word to know him more.. thank u let us be 1 united world under God. thank u so much may God bless us.

  5. Thanks for this page for spreading the words of God and for praying councelling to our beloved that suffering from kinds of illness, poverty, marriage problem and so on and so forth!! God Bless this page to continue spreading the words of God ! In Jesus i pray Amen !!

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