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My Christian Recovery Resource Facebook Ministry was stolen from me last evening. www.facebook.com/christianrecoveryresource no longer is an available page. The ministry was reaching hundreds of thousands of people a week and have over 530,000 page likes. Why someone would do this is out of my realm of thinking. I spent 2 years working on that page every day. Never missing a day. I spent thousands of dollars promoting it, telling people about the love of God. Please pray for me as I feel like a part of me has died. I will attempt to resurrect the ministry at www.facebook.com/onlywithjesus but it will take time. Please visit that page and LIKE it so I can reach you with the daily prayer. Thank you and God Bless

Christian Recovery Resource Ministry

**** UPDATE ****

Facebook returned my call and they are creating a support ticket to investigate and resolve the stolen ministry page issue.  Please keep praying.  Thank You!


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