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Church and Police Partnership Cut Violent Crime

Church-based volunteering can cut violent crime and anti-social behavior by more than half, new research has revealed.

The Cinnamon Network
Street Pastors, like Chichester’s Street Angels, work on town center streets from 10pm-4am to help people in trouble.

A report by the Cinnamon Network, a Christian social action charity, highlighted the effect church partnerships with police had on crime levels. The study found that anti-social behavior was reduced by up to 79 per cent with help of Church-based volunteers and violent crime was reduced by up to 67 percent when church-based volunteers were brought in to help police.

The findings were based on evidence from Sussex Police’s relationship with Chichester City Angels, a local Christian charity working to help with late-night revellers on Friday and Saturday evenings.

PC Upton from Sussex Police said the contribution of the Church based charity has been “really useful”. A chief constable in Devon and Cornwall, Paul Netherton added church groups had a “key role to play” in supporting police.

“Police and faith communities are an essential partnership that can have a huge positive impact on our communities,” he said.

The Cinammon Network urged police to use local churches to tackle crime and social disorder. “Church have a wealth of resources, such as volunteer capacity, premises and a passion to serve their community, which in turn can help the police to support those communities,” read the report.

Matt Bird, founder of the Cinnamon Network said: “Church-led social action is making a positive difference in the community and partnerships are the best way to deliver projects and get results.

“I sincerely hope this report will open the door to increased partnerships between local churches and police.”