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God is GreatHow do you show everyone that you love Jesus? The Christian Recovery Resource has created a line of designs called Jesuswear – Click Here   We are offering these designs on amazing T-Shirts. Proceeds from your purchase help support the Christian Recovery Resource Ministry. Shirts are available in a variety of colors and sizes and are only $19.99

For more information or to purchase a shirt please Click Here.

Thank you!

Dom Sardone – Founder,
Christian Recovery Resource
605 999-8612


Love God

onlywithJesus.com offers high quality merchandise available from Cafepress.

All types of items are available at affordable prices.  Your purchase helps to fund the onlywithJesus.com ministry webpage and helps you to show the everyone that You love Jesus!!

Select from some of the items below.  Click on an image for more information:

Click Here for more info!  Click Here for more info! Click Here for more information

Is There RoomEvery Christian couple desires the presence of God and His ever present help in times of need. Every Christian couple would love to have God, His power and blessing working  out all things in their home. We all long to know for certain that God…

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