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Mike D. Testimony

Hi, I’m Mike. I was born in Miami, Fla. 4-17-1958. I was one of 6 children. My mom and dad were both previously married. My mom had 2 girls and 1 boy, Kathy, Caroline and Danny.

I was still young and didn’t know them that well. Danny was murdered, stabbed to death. I was a young boy at the time. My dad had one boy and one girl. They are my brother and sister, Vic and Fran.

I was raised in one of those Catholic homes where you didn’t eat meat on Good Friday, and a lot of “Oh God Help me”, but never went to church.

We moved to Hollywood Fla., and that’s where I grew up. My mom and dad always fought and yelled at each other, but I didn’t think anything of it, because I thought that was life.

I was one of those late bloomers. All my friends smoked pot, I used to steal it from them, then give it to the older kids. I was around 16 before I started smoking, but I didn’t like it. It made me tired and hungry.

When I was 17 I started selling cocaine, my friends I grew up with, parents. When I was 18, I made my first boat trip to smuggle drugs into Florida. The first trip was to Bimini. I did this for two years, until I was 20. I almost got caught.

God Answers PrayerI used to pray before each trip “God Please get me home with no DEA visitors” I stopped running boats and started using my brand new Z28 Camaro to distribute cocaine. I used to make trips to Pompano two times a week. Most of the time it was little amounts, like 2 kilos.

One night I had time to kill, so I picked up my girlfriend, at that time she was 16. We went to Ft. Lauderdale beach and parked, did some cocaine and the next thing I knew, Cops were all around my car and guns aimed at us. They took me in, I had two kilos of cocaine in the trunk. They wanted to know where it came from. I told them I found it on the street and was going to sell it for $500.00.

They didn’t believe me and told me I was facing 30 years mandatory. I was sent to Pompano Detention center for a visit with the judge. I knew if I said where I got it I would be killed so I sucked it up.

I walked into the jail and this big black guy came up to me and put his arm around me. I said I didn’t want no problems. He said “Don’t worry, youre being taken care of”. I looked up and said Thank You God, and never realized that God had plans for me. I got out of jail in 5 days when I was facing 30 years.

I stayed low for a while then I started dealing again. That’s how I met my wife, Lisa. She was one of my customers. Again God was working in my life. We got married May 10, 1986 and she’s never done drugs since. Later that year we had our first son, Michael. We were both clean and have been drug free for 28 years.

I had to get a real job, it wasn’t easy. I went from making $80.000.00 a month to $350.00 a week, but we made it. Again, God was with me.

About a year later, we found out my mom had a lump in her breast and had it for about 11 years. She called Lisa and I one morning to take her to the hospital.. She felt like she was burning inside. We took her in and found out she had later stages of breast cancer. They did surgery, and when they opened her the cancer was down her ribs and into her pelvis,

I blamed it on my Dad because of his gambling and trying to impress people all the time, he said he didn’t have the money to send my mom to the doctor. I had a lot of anger with him because I was never really able to forgive him. My mom died in 1989. I held that anger in me for a long time and took that anger out on other people.

My first son Michael started getting into drugs at age 12. He was able to hide it and we were in denial about it. I also have a daughter, Jennifer and son Christopher. My daughter doesn’t talk to me because I have changed. God, love and family is all I talk about, and she doesn’t like it. Hopefully God will touch her one day. My two boys are my life, They’ve made me proud of them for who they are. They are developing into good men.

I have 6 grandchildren, 2 boys and 4 girls. Two boys and one girl I don’t see. These are Jennifer’s children. The 3 girls I see all the time are my son’s children. They are Kiersten, Kalee and Adrianna,

The Wonderful CrossMy wife Lisa’s dad is the one that started talking to me about God. He was a minister and he made sense.

15 years ago, I dedicated my life to God and was reborn. Since then my dad died. I made my amends with him and when he was dying I told him how much I loved him and how much God Loves him.

I try now to do the right things in my life and with my family. Im not that perfect person I would like to be, but I try. Im involved in our Church as much as I can. I do Habitat for Humanity, Im in a 12 step program, so I can become a leader at Celebrate Recovery and I am the chef for the CR dinners. I never knew how much love God can put in life.

I’m just one of Gods creatures He never gave up on. Thank You, Im Mike and I love God.