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A renewed and fresh anointing (husband died)

Please pray that The Lord increase my faith that I can feel Him and know Him as I once did. Through years of bad decictions and trying to fix things myself , feeling used , nothing ever turning out my heart grew cold and the depth of my faith was suffering. I some how along the way lost my first love.

My husband died in july and I still have a 15 year old with diabetes and he has used it to where my husband was actually trying to home school him and it took him 2 and a half years just to get through one 6th grade math book. Now i can’t even get him to take a shower, get out of bed, any thing I say he just argues with me or say okay but doesn’t do its. Please pray for a miracle . I have gone to christian men they start helping and then nothing its so hard to explain, please pray for him his name is Bryan and Mine is Joanie.
thank you


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