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Jesus Saved My Life

Dom Leading WorshipMy name is Dom and this is how Jesus saved my life. I started the Christian Recovery Resource Ministry page on October 16th, 2012 with an official release date of November 6th, 2012. God is great all the time!


Having grown up with an addictive personality, starting smoke pot daily in 1978 and taking whatever drugs came my way the next 25 years, God did not have a large presence in my life. In 2003, I became addicted to crack cocaine. Being blessed with the ability to hold two high paying demanding jobs concurrently but cursed with the struggle of addiction, my life was spiraling downward. There were so many days when I cried out for help and couldn’t hear answers.

One miraculous day, I heard God’s hope and prayed for a solution. He was working in me. I surrendered to His will and admitted myself into rehab for forty days. The last time I smoked crack was January 9th, 2007 .

Only With Prayer

Through prayer, God’s guidance and a will to be the man God needed me to be, my life changed. I started attending Celebrate Recovery and NA meetings on a regular basis. I attended a Celebrate Recovery 12 step study in which God showed me the root of my issues and gave me strength. The spiritual malady, the gaping hole in me that I tried to fill with drugs and sin, was now filled with Jesus.

I never thought that changes like this could happen to me. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could be helped. Now, the recovery from my past, helps me to encourage and inspire those who walk in the shoes I have discarded.

Praising GodNothing is Impossible with Jesus

There is nothing that God cannot do for me, in me, and through me. Thank you Lord Jesus for all you have done. Blessing me by shining Your light of love through me so that I can help others. God continues to work in me and my blessings abound on a daily basis.

I hope this short testimony can help those of you out there with no hope. I had no hope and Jesus conquered the fears, doubts and lies. I realize that nothing is impossible with God. Being a drug addict defined me, but now being a believer in Christ defines me. Thank You Jesus.

I continue to grow in Him everyday.  I lead Worship at two Churches and am part of a Worship Team at another Church.  I play the guitar, sing praises and write music to glorify Him.  Life is great, thanks to Jesus.

Please feel free to contact me with a private message here on my ministry page or an email, dom@christianrecoveryresource.com if you have any questions or would like to speak to me.
God Bless


Christian Recovery Resource Ministry