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Celebrate Recovery Prayer Requests

For the discernment of the Dr’s to find out what is going on with Robin.
Pray for all His blessings. Pray for friend who is in hospice + pray for wife’s asthma + arthritis.
Thank you, Lord for all your Blessings. Pray for my body to not hurt so much.
Wife’s heart + emotions to line up with the Word. Communicating + strength to agree on home situation.
Pray for my mission in VA and safety for travel.
Praise God for the new opportunities of a car. I pray, with the Lord’s help, I can make the right choices.
Daughter Amanda has bronchitis, just found out today.
My husband Craig and daughter Alex with their grief and personal relationship with our Lord! !
That I will focus on the Lord, so that with him I will find the courage in the troubles ahead!
Neck and Pain
Nicholas, Nathan, Lucas, Mary
Christ-centered rather than self-centered
I need a place to live. I am currently sleeping in my truck. I need a new start.
For all the youth.
I want to get better.
Prayer’s to fully surrender to God’s will.
Complete healing of marriage.
Pray for a very special friend in The Villages Hospital because of dizziness.

A very special thank you is extended to everyone who works so hard to make Celebrate Recovery successful. You are the Best!