Read the Bible - Proverbs 24

There is so much hate and fighting in this world. The enemy has a stronghold on so many people.  Read Proverbs 24 at and...
Isaiah 41 - Comfort in Jesus

I feel a wonderful comfort in my life when I know in my mind that Jesus is with me.  Read Isaiah 41 at
Trust in Jesus with All Your Heart

Do you trust Jesus? Do you believe in Him with all your heart, soul and mind? Read Psalm 33 at  Do you only believe...
Jesus is Love

God is Great! I am personally grateful for the freedom I have to worship and praise Jesus any way I feel I want to....
Be Grateful For The Kindness People Show You

How many people in your life go out of their way to be kind and generous to you?  Read a great chapter of scripture...
Live with Joy in Jesus

Do you feel the joy of Jesus in your heart every day? Can you get past the hard times in your life by remaining...
Draw Me Close To You! Never Let Me Go!

Do you need to draw closer to Jesus? Read James 4 at and learn what the Bible tells us about getting closer to God....
John 3 - Jesus is the Truth

Jesus is the Truth, the Light and the Way.  Read John 3 at and learn what Jesus taught Nicodemus about being born again.  God did...
Understand God's Will For Us

How many people do you know care about nothing but themselves? They are boastful and arrogant and think that they can do everything on...
Jesus Loves Us

"How He Loves" (lyrics written by John Mark McMillan, performed by David Crowder) He is jealous for me, Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree, Bending beneath the weight...