Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! God rewards hard work, diligence and perseverance. Are you willing to work hard for what you believe in? Read Proverbs 13...
Jesus Loves His Sheep

When you go to Church do you feel God is speaking directly to you? Read John 10 at where Jesus tells us that "Very...

Is there anything more beautiful than an ear to ear smile on a child's face? Does the sound of children laughing as they play...
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The Christian Recovery Resource and new T-Shirts designs are now available  CLICK HERE  for only $19.00 The proceeds from the sales of these shirts help to...
Read the Bible - Proverbs 24

There is so much hate and fighting in this world. The enemy has a stronghold on so many people.  Read Proverbs 24 at and...
Isaiah 41 - Comfort in Jesus

I feel a wonderful comfort in my life when I know in my mind that Jesus is with me.  Read Isaiah 41 at
Trust in Jesus with All Your Heart

Do you trust Jesus? Do you believe in Him with all your heart, soul and mind? Read Psalm 33 at  Do you only believe...
Jesus is Love

God is Great! I am personally grateful for the freedom I have to worship and praise Jesus any way I feel I want to....
Be Grateful For The Kindness People Show You

How many people in your life go out of their way to be kind and generous to you?  Read a great chapter of scripture...
Live with Joy in Jesus

Do you feel the joy of Jesus in your heart every day? Can you get past the hard times in your life by remaining...